Saturday, August 24, 2013

Syawal rush

I reckon it is obvious that i am without a maid now haha look at my blog posting!! I was not ableto blog about Aidilfitri this year and the arrival of my new nephew! Wow.. i must have been that busy huh.. to top it up, the ogoing CABG cases in UiTM. Of course, the more we do, the more expected of complications will occur.

 Dzulaikha turned 1 on the 21st.. I guess she was the first amongst all her siblings that we did not manage to celebrate her birthday even in the smallest manner. Sorry my dear child.. both ur Walid and Ummi are overwhelmed by the things that we have to do in getting the 5 of u sorted out day in day out.
                                                                "Ayman Akhil's arrival"
We have started Dzulaikha in a nursery near our home. The best option was to place her in Salsabila along with her elder 3 siblings. Unfortunately, due to the taska's policy it was not possible o enrol her on short term basis despite our willingness to pay. ALhamdulillah, Dzulaikha looked like she is adapting well. It is a bit confusing at times that she would cry both ways either being given to or coming back home at the end of the day.. haha
Im trying very hard to fit in my training regime for my kl marathon at the end of Spetember. It looks almost impossible atthe moment and it became obvious how my fitness has dropped in my to short runs during Syawal. hmm.. i need to get on my bike back somehow.. somehow..

All is not gloom though.. I reckon the current maidless period is indeed a blessing as I am trying to learn how to balance my life; busy working life with the demands of my family.

We'll see on when i will blog again.. hopefully not too far in the future :)


Mohd Fitri Yahya said...

May I know how was the service of Taska Salsabila? Im about to send my 3 months old baby to them. Kindly provide me some review :)

Mafeitz Mamat said...

A'kum, I would personally recommend Salsabiila. All 5 of my children are Salsaabila thoroughbreds, 2 graduated, 1 graduating soon and another 2 still there. I am thankful for their tarbiiyah and one can see their progress as their grow. They are organized and follows a strict syllabus of children development and most importantly the tarbiyyah of early easy going islamic education to these children. They have 3 centres which is near to each other. The toddler centre 1-3, pre kindergarten 3-4 and kindergarten 5-6.This is to ensure that they are within their age group and development ability. I sent my eldest when he was 2 months old! ( but we had no other choice then) and he grew up with Salsaabiila till 6 years of age. Most of my other kids were enrolled after a year old, so it will be just nice. Have a chat with the pengetua, Pn Rahimah and explore what you are comfortable and not comfortable with. Some say that their fees are high but i would say its not too bad.