Saturday, September 14, 2013

One Friday 13th: Essentials of HO

It was such a hectic day.. I was jugging two things at one time. My patients in CTC and at the same time ensuring the Essentials of HO being organized well. It was not easy but i guess the flow of planning that made it work.This was an official College of Physician's ,Academy of Medicine Malaysia programme and no way can I muck this up.
I am blessed to be surrounded by efficient colleagues and fellow doctors who did what they were asked to do.I was a bit gung-ho when i changed the whole programme of how the afternoon session should be done. I suppose it is because i have a bit of attachment with regards to HO training and I do have my own ideas how they should be exposed. Coming from Simulation background; as I have always wished that I was trained in such during my undergraduate days. In fact, i believe it should be a big component in the Master of Anaesthesia programme.
As my head was totally filled in with the happenings, it is unfortunate that i did not have the time to snap pics to show the event. One of my trainees managed to recogize this and took the initiative to take the event pictures! Hopefully i have it available by next week so that i can share it with you.
I have to thank my ED colleagues; Izzat, Julina , Amin and their 2 trainees for their support. They have been really helpful since we started Simulation based training 3 years ago. Of course, to Nadia, Azman (who came and helped my O2 station at the very last minute!) the awesome trio.. Fairuz, Naim and Azizah (my future co-workers) who handled the logistics efficiently and made everything work during the day. I was worried if the flow or things that can go wrong on that day. Handing an OSCE like session is very labour intensive and needs a lot of coordination. It was not easy but Ahamdulillah, i do appreciate my team members.
Thank you! Thank you!

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