Saturday, September 07, 2013

Exponential progress, CTS rolling forward

Alhamdulillah, we are at no 13. Who would have thought our team are capable of going on strong as such. We are not aiming to be a service centre like IJN, but we are progressing well towards being a cardiac centre.It has been an interesting few weeks now and the trend is we are getting busier. I guess it is a good thing for CTC as now we can see how by starting Open Heart surgeries we have managed to tickle and activate other departments to move forward.
 One of our patients had a delayed recovery. It was certainly a challenge to us the anaesthetist managing an ICU case. It was in fact the first proper ICU managed case. From an eventful cardiac surgery, we thought we were OK after 2 days but suddenly he developed an abdominal pathology which we were thinking of the worst about. Luckily it was not one of the common complications and managing the patient holisticly became a true challenge for us. We needed to reintubate the patient twice and both times the whole team had a challenging time to decide and consider options.
At a certain point, I did feel like doing a "House"-like queries on looking for the cause of insults. The patient did went into multiple organ failure but in terms of grading, it did not go to the severe spectrum.It was really a good case to reflect upon and review how we have managed it.It was really interesting and made me learn more than i thought I've known. Partly, the training I had with Shanti in Sungai Buloh really helped to bring the patient from its brink. I guess it is time for me to grow as well and make calculated clinical decisions to scenarios which was uncommon to us.
The whole team had our Aidilfitri do in a different manner. We started with prayers and of course, the awaited makan. Honestly, this is the place I want to be at the moment. To have a team which works cohesively at the moment is enlightening. I can see its potential to grow and it can only be better. There were glitches along the way which could have been very detrimental. However, Alhamdulillah; we manage to control the hitches with care.
To infinti and beyond :)

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