Monday, September 16, 2013

Simple life.. not so simple as it should.

I try not to make my blog as my emotional bashings but throughout the years (it has been 9 years in fact!) at times I just have to blurp it out. It has only been indirect and to those who knows me may understand wy at those junctures i just have to blog out a few words. Its a venting space but I try very much not too be to specific on the topic.

A healthy mind is needed to be productive and unhealthy ones can lead one to misery. That is the root of happiness. If one is unable to free one's mind from hatred and envy, one will not be able to feel what happiness is all about. 

I used to be bogged down by this fact but i have liberated myself years ago. What is the point of being unhappy thinking about other's misery? I suffered then and it made me suffocate. Keeping a clear mind is really important and we get to be focused on what we do. Seriously, I'm not bothered anymore of what people can do to me and perhaps it is just my nature to be so. It gives me the peace of mind and Alhamdulillah, I'm sure that Allah is kind to me on that.

Treat people how you want people to treat you.. and important concept. However, it is not grasped by those who reckons that whatever they do should be recognized and respected. Respect should never be asked as  it can only be earned. How is it earned? By the way we deal with things daily and the respect will come with it.

Honestly, i yearn for simplicity.. the simple life. Being simple on everything that we do, I maybe a high achiever with many aspirations but nowadays, i envy those having simple lives.On Sundays when I have the time to do so or when i am not working, I love being in Shah Alam Stadium bazaar. I would sit down and observe the simple life that people has. What the community is all about, the lower middle class society. Simple life, simple hopes simple needs.. And unfortunately, I don't have that.

A simple life.

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