Friday, November 15, 2013

Devastating typhoon Haiyan

"FOR once it was no metaphor but the real thing—a perfect storm in terms of its sheer size, its circular symmetry and the tightness of its eye. When it hit land, in Leyte and Samar provinces in the Philippines, Typhoon Haiyan’s ferocity set records. Sustained winds were 250 kilometres (160 miles) an hour with gusts of over 300kph—like standing behind the revving engine of a jumbo jet. But it was a 5-metre (16-foot) storm surge—an intense low pressure at the storm’s centre sucking the sea level upwards—that caused the worst damage."
Typhoon haiyan really hit Tacloban hard. I was surprised at the devastation that it produced and day after day, sadness surface while watching the updated news on tv. Thousands are dead and the survivors are struggling to find their footing. Most of them lost everything and are waiting to go off from the island. The damages are devastating and hearing the newscaster saying that now, by day 5 the smell of dead bodies would emcompass the olfactory nerve.

It was not something that the world did not expect. Last week the weather forecast did forecast it to be the biggest typhoon of all time. The government knew but yet i don't know why evacuation was not in line for the people. Yes, the country is not economically wise but the safety of its people? I am quite disturbed but then again as this is the wrath of god, nobody can runaway from it ever.

I was offered to join the medical emergency team there by MERCY which i had to heavy heartedly declined. If it was not for the japanese doctors who are coming to do the workshop in UiTM, i would have agreed immediately. I've always wanted to go for there missions but somehow I never could. 

My prayers for the dead and of course the survivors. Inshaa Allah, i may be of some help to the needy soon. Alhamdulillah, such disasters are unheard of in Malaysia. If this does not make one thankful for god's grace, I don't know what will..

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