Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wiser ..for the longest time..

pic taken in Tok CIk's place during raya which had lots of beautiful orchids

The facebook phenomenon gets my thumbs up today as for the first time , many people wished me happy birthday ! Not that i long for people to acknowledge it ; but the extent of the interactive technology nowadays makes it possible to be aware of yout friend's birth date ! Toce..toce.. kamsia..kamsia..
Being in your thirties and as it ascends , you do feel you are so much old ! I've never imagine myself to be at this age ; when you are younger you always imagine yourself being a matured 27 year old and it stops there.. And i still feel I'm stuck at that age compared to the magical 31 as it is today !

If I was born in Pahang , then I would be proud to have the same birthday as the Sultan. Unfortunately , I'm a throughbred KL boy born in Selangor ! But who knows , an excellent birthday present would be a n SSAP or SIMP from the Sultan of Pahang on this date in the future !!!
Angkasawan rindu mandi ?? hahahaha . Those who knew personally Angkasawan would just smirk and say.. "thats him allright !! "

Berita Harian 24/10/07 "Saya terlalu teringin untuk mandi, tapi tidak dapat lakukannya di ISS kerana air sangat terhad. Kini saya dapat lakukannya selepas pulang ke bumi," katanya pada sidang media di Star City, kira-kira 40km dari sini semalam.
Did not do anything special today . Usually I'll make some effort to make the day different from any normal day. I suppose , this year I have something major in mind ; and takes a hell whole lot of my brain space of things and thoughts. I'm becoming more absent minded... mak aii...

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Shah said...

3 weeks to go bro - all the best for the primary.