Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A self proclaimed hotshot ( while speaking at the Malaysian law conference) claimed :

"I’d rather spend my time to do things that are constructive; that go down directly to the people who are really in need of the help of the government. Our bloggers are really not up to standard. When they put up something, it’s not something that they want to discuss in a very intellectual way. It’s more because of their anger - the language they use. Why should I read all this rubbish? When the standard of our bloggers is upgraded, then probably I will look at what is written. But anyway, they are a minority. My concern is for the majority."

Wah...wah... obviously he's not learned enough to realize how the cyberworld via blogs will be a major contributing factor in future elections...


Vikram Christopher said...

future elections? It's already a trend here :)


Maswafi Abd Samat said...

Minoriti??? tapi "dunia" kita tanpa sempadan beb!