Thursday, October 18, 2007

Extended Raya

This is the first year since I started working that I am on leave for a week. Usually it would be till Day 3 or 4 that I have to go back to work ; being on call. This year we are a lil bit relaxed ; no rush to go "raya" in a blitz unlike previous years. Besides that , I have my books to dwell into at the same time. But "raya" is "raya" , how could one not be involved ?? heheh..

Mak came back on the 4th day of raya from Mecca. It was good to have everybody back home ( with adique as the exception ) and we sort of had a "delayed" celebration yesterday. It was good to visit the elders and just talk and hangabout with them. I've always enjoyed this tradition. Being "muhibbah" withe the Malaysian spirit , it has also been a tradition for me to visit Shakti during raya ! hahaha.. the kewl thing about it is he visits me during Deepavali last year !! Hahahaha...

However , I am a bit annoyed with class cancellations ; which ws done at the very last minute for the past 2 dyas ; making my plans disrupted.. and me.. hungry alone at home... :(

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