Monday, October 01, 2007

KLIA visit

We went to KLIA today - sending Mak ,Pak-Mak Long, MAk Teh and MAk Uda for umrah. It had been quite sometime since we last visited KLIA and the one that enjoyed most was Dzaef. Eventhough , we made him to wear the mini jubah as the "theme" fashion statement for the sending off , he was abnormally active ! I guess it must have been the space which stimulated him and he ran and ran and ran.. And I was puffing and huffing trying to catch up !!!

I am glad to see him gleaming with joy , running and shouting loud in full happiness. Evidence : He's fast asleep now at 9pm which is of rare occurance nowadays !!!


mz ayam said...

Wooooo......look at him, he's got this semi-mischievous look on his face! Hehe. I like the jubah, the skull cap & the red snakers.

Dr.M said...

hahahaha ! he is as mischievous as he looks. Its those fatures though that make me miss him during my calls !