Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Up .. up.. and away !!!

10th of October 2007 will be a historical day for Malaysia ; the first amongst us to be in space. Wow ! I am truly proud of our angkasawan ( eventhough I cannot deny there is a bit of envy !! )

Dr Shaikh's ( A definite future Dato') plan in space is written in his blog.
He'll be bringing : ( specially packed )
Biryani Chicken, Satay Ayam, Rendang Tok,
Sliced dried Mango,Banana rolls, Tempe, Ginger Jelly,
Roselle Granola Bar, Kuih Raya Bangkit
( of all kuih , kuih Bangkit ? I would have brought kuih keria or tart.. hehehe )

and celebrating Eid in space !! How often do you get that chance ?
Lets pray that everything goes according to plan ; Malaysian "live" in space !!


mz ayam said...

1) Kuih bangkit tu keras; tak mudah pecah (haha)
2) His favourite kuih, perhaps.
3) Mardi hasn't developed kuih keria / tart.


Dr.M said...

i don't like kuih bangkit.. tempe ..is a good choice !!