Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Disaster Drill KPJ-evo

I am the chairman of the Disaster committee in my hospital. We had our first annual Disaster Drill last week. It was an exercise to test our hospital protocol and readiness if such event happens. Rawang is an industrial area and would be of risk for disasters to happen. Therefore, even as a private hospital, we are to be ready at least in terms of preparation in case something happens.
                                                   moulage and make up
                                                   macam zombie
                                                    caught radiology by surprise
                                                    Qayyum in ED
It was something that everybody was excited to participate. We planned it well 1 month in advance. The actors (staff members) were ever motivated and gave their full cooperation. Sporting habis! I brought Qayyum to join in the fun. The moulage was extraordinary! Kudos to the staff members! Memang dedicated :) 
We ended our session in the afternoon after a debriefing. It was a good learning experience. Insha Allah for the better! 

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