Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Selangor Misi 33!! Red Giants rule!

Selangor marched into the finals of Malaysia Cup as a surprise package. As loyal fans, how could we not attend the match.. dahlah duduk Shah Alam kan? Besides that, we are season ticket holders :) (which we only use like 3 times? haha) Anyway, Shah took the initiative to buy the tickets online and Walah! the ultras are here to celebrate! Yes!! My first ever Malaysia Cup final! Ive always been to the stadium but never to a Selangor Malaysia CUp final.. the last was in 2005, but i could not attend then. So now is the time! 
With our previous experiences in Shah Alam stadium, we decided to park far away from the designated parking as the traffic after the match can be a nightmare if we were to park next to the stadium. Honestly, for a Cup final we were too casual and by the time we got into the stadium, there were no seats left! Aduss... I was thinking, maybe i have to stand all the way to watch this match. Shah then brought us to this place.. which was cool.. as we literally watched the game from the roof of the stadium! Haha.. 
 The atmosphere was as ever electrifying.I love being in a stadium full of passionate supporters. Cool habis. We were there. It was a question though why was the Kedah supporters who looked like dominating the stadium seats.. hmmm.. 
 We were there when Hazwan scored the first goal in the first few minutes. We were there when Hazman scored another in the second half. The Selangor supporters were singing and dancing. The team played really well. Puas hati tengok.. effort from each player. The antiques of Di Guelme.. Andik and the rest of the team. Not to be forgotten, Kedah's keeper haha  
And when the final whistle blew, we were there... were there.. to witness Selangor's 33rd Piala Malaysia.. Kudos Red Giants! Kudos Selangor!

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