Tuesday, January 13, 2015

When the mind is free

Work was not too bad today. Had a full list and I've just finished my cases. Simple bread and butter cases. Alhamdulillah. Things are running according to plan and perhaps more than expected. The cases in our hospital had exceeded from the normal projection. I am thankful to Allah for this.

Yesterday i went to a centre near home, visiting a fellow anaesthetist, or perhaps better known as my RA sifu.. Ling.  I must say the lay out of his hospital is super impressive and perhaps the size of the hospital is exactly the same as ours. But when you go to the OT and ICU, i realized what they do there is a totally different ball game. 
Wow.. Im not sure whether Im looking for something like that to do everyday since I've been enjoying my freedom so far :) 

"Mafeit.. I know you like challenging cases.. I'm sure you'd get bored after a few years there.."
Hahaha.. is that true? Hmmm... 

Would i prefer doing a simple ASA 2 urology cases all day ..or
an ASA 2 Obese BMI >50 doing one neuro-spine case the whole day with ICU post op transfer? 

Well, ASA 1 patients themselves can be a challenging case when things go tangentially wrong. But to know at pre med that your cm case will be a mega adrenaline rush to do? haha Emergency and elective is two different things and doing high risk cases in private can be a bit intimidating. I am not sure I am ready for that as yet. Perhaps, i should just enjoy my tenure now and think about that later.

And see.. how true Sifu Ling knows me.. :) 

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