Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Mission #Banjir2014 in Kelantan Part 4

Our group split up in Gobek. We met Penghulu and he organized the divisions for us. We were divided into three groups. There were 2 other GPs from Kota Bharu who was with our team. Iqbal and Shah were assigned to Kampung Rambai which became a blessing. Pecet was to be stationed in Kg Pasir Panjang with the rest. 
 Me, Muiz and Sister were driven (on our lorry again! haha) to the point where water is still high above the ground. It was accessible by small boat. There was another way according to the Penghulu but it would take us more than 1 hour to reach the kampung as compared to probably longest 10 minutes using the sampan. Kampung Pasir Besar was supposed to be the area where no water should reach them but unfortunately half of the kampung submerged below water. 
The Penghulu warned the Penghulu of the Pasir Besar to evacuate when the rain was non stop. Most of them refused because the area was never hit by flood instead became a rescue temporary shelter for other kampung folks. He managed to move few older folks on his first trip across that night.When the Penghulu tried to cross the 2nd time through this way, the water stream was too violent. He was worried for the kampung Besar folks as he knew how many families were stranded. He then with few other villagers carried the motorboat to another point which was 3km away. Unfortunately the water rose higher and there was no way that they could cross it even ith the motorboat. There was no contact to that kampung for 1 week and when the rain subsided the other day, he and few others went to have a look for rescue. 
"bok bocor.." said the Pnghulu to us upon arriving at the site. Hahaha And courageously he tries to seal it with whatever paper we had and quickly rowed with the broken paddle to the kampung. We were worried for a bit if the boat gave away! Seriously! We were glad though when we saw the boat in sight after 15 minutes but to our surprise its the same boat with now 3 people in it! haha One of them was using a small bucket to displace the water which seemed through the semi patched hole! 
"Tadok bok laen.." again the Penghulu said with a dissapointed look.
"Bule ke ni?" i asked.
"Insha Allah.. hehe" the Penghulu smiled jokingly. Izzat was smiling from ear to ear smirkingly and Muiz was worriedly looking at the "newly" formed river across us. 
Muiz and sister crossed the the "river" first with Li - the youth from the kampung who bravely paddled us. I went later with the bags on the second trip. The sight was horrendous. Imagine, the tall matured palm oil trees which is at least 3m tall, totally submerged under water. I could see the top part as we negotiated our boat through the hazards. Subhanallah. I totally cannot imagine being in the dark and having water moving swiftly, violently across you. 
It must have been a tough job for our rescue team , army and fireman to have done the evacuation plan for the kampung folks all over Kelantan. Totally amazing bravery.. Masha Allah. 

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