Saturday, January 10, 2015

3..2..1.. #Diagnosis2

The moment of truth. Whether the euphoria of this book will be justified. Soon enough. It was a different kind of feeling seeing your name printed on the cover and to see your story published on the usual books you browse in the bookstore. 
I am myself nervous because people will soon judge my writing. Is it good enough for mass public or perhaps only for a certain niche?The inferiority complex that anybody would have in entering a new field especially this one.A total newbie but in writing not that new to me. I've written before and encourage to be commercialised, never that i thought it would be possible. This dream realized.
 One thing for sure, the readers will have their own favourites just like any boy band.. haha I wonder which one will i be? I'm putting my money on Ben as our superstar trump card.. the complete marketing package :) ala Beckham.. Jordan Knight.. Ronan Keating.. haha you know what i mean! 

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