Monday, January 19, 2015

Registering your company

Last Thursday, i had to travel to 3 SSM ( Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) ; from Shah Alam to Kl Sentral and lastly the Mall.( ever knew there was one at the mall!) It was regarding the registration of my business, ROB. Hahaha it was an interesting experience as for us doctors, there is totally no FAQ or proper guide in doing this. I wanted to register online but somehow the system is so cocked up that you get stuck half way. 
The last did this was with Azad when we formed our soya bean eneterprise. It was for a short while but i learnt a lot from the enterpreneurship of Azad. It was a good experience venturing into small business after finishing med school. We did not do to bad but the commitment to it was an issue. I still remember selling our soy next to Jenny soy (the famous TTDI soy seller) at the Kiara Hills hahaha bukan senang woo nak tebal muka jual product.
Anyway this time around it is about my status as an independent contractor with my current hospital. The common practice amongst my fraternity is registering your own company.Usually what they do is straight away to sdn bhd but perhaps with wifey's advice Im staying with sole prop first. I reckon its because of the coming GST and i would like to see how it is handled first before opening my own sdn bhd. Sdn Bhd is a commitment and it includes financial commitment which i am not keen to endure at this moment in time.
Insha Allah, we'll see how things go.

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