Monday, January 05, 2015

Mission #Banjir2014 in Kelantan Part 1

The flood episode was common in the east coast every year. It is not a surprising news as the recurrence can be termed "Annual flood". What made it different this time was thr magnitude at which the disaster hit. Lots of places in Kelantan where it was recognised as areas where it was impossible to be flooded, flooded. It was not they were not prepared but it was the unthinkable that happened. That is how i would sum it up. 
 I was involved in this mission, KPT initiative where UiTM together with UM sent 2 teams, on the 28th and 30th of December 2014. Whatever happened in Kelantan became viral, the pictures and the pleads was available to everybody. This is the age of social media where obvious events cannot be hidden as a secret anymore. The news spread fast and the mainstream media was the one playing catch up to the news which circulated on social media. 
I was initially on standby for a retrieval. Hospital Kuala Krai was in distress as the water levels were increasing at an alarming rate. The weather was not permitting at all as it was almost impossible for air travel to be done. There were few ventilated patients in the hospital and looking at the severity of the flood, the Sg Buloh team was activated KIV transferring patient to KL from Kuala Krai. However it was called off as it was impossible to fly over the area mentioned and the patient was transferred to HUSm via boat the next day. I was anxious, knowing how things can go wrong. The flood was slowly drowning homes and that explains the reason why the death toll was not too bad. There were few casualties but too few to mention. 
On Saturday i received whatsapp messages talking about this mission. Being out of UiTM, i was not sure whether it was possible for me to be involved. I was willing to fork my own money to volunteer because i believe i do have the requirements to be a crisis medical doctor. Initially the plan was to give relief to the workers in HUSM- as they were overwhelmed. HPRZ 11 or Hospital Kota Bharu has always been referral hospital but this time around, the services had to be limited thus deferring it to HUSM. 
Izzat went with the first team to KB on Sunday morning and we hardly receive any news about what is going on there especially what our mission was. It was blurry but we were told to prepare for the worst. Norizal (Tower Alang) certainly did his part by preparing food survival pack for us.Thank you Tower as it was more than  what we needed! We really do appreciate your excellent effort about our diet requirements in Kelantan! 
We were told to be ready and at 11pm, the flight to KB via Charlie in TUDM Subang was confirmed. Me and Shah went to Uptown de Kota to get our celcom prepaid cards and a new simplistic phone (GPhone!!) after collecting our food packs in CTC. 
At 6am, wifey sent me and Shah to TUDM Subang and we were ready at the army airport by 7am! The UM team of about 35 was sent by Prof Amin (VC) and our Dean was with us too. This was my first time coming here and of course the first time, taking a flight with Charlie! Terasa mcm dalam movie.. haha
The flight was delayed because TPM made his rounds visit and it was only at 1pm that we flew off. Being in Charlie was an experience and the heart began to race gracefully. We ae still unsure of our mission, but we knew what we were going into. The mission was vague... really vague.. 

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