Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Mission #banjir2014 in Kelantan Part 7

So what have i learnt about the whole disaster? A lot.. individually and being on ground zero it was just continuous uttering masha allah and subhanallah. It was worst than described and some of the statements on social media was true. Some were inaccurate but that is why it is important to be intact with reliable resources.

1.The coordination is a suspect. Honestly i dont know why? Its not like the first time we are dealing with floods but i guess the magnitude this time totally awed the authority. It maybe easy to play the blame game but i guess it is not as simple as that. Lack of quality leadership maybe the world to describe. We were lucky, despite the devastation being really bad. Many who saw the end result described it as post tsunami like, war zone etc and it looked exactly like that. We were lucky because the flood came in slowly and gave time for the people to evacuate or regroup. If it was a tsunami or war, lots of lives will be lost just in an instateneous moment. Alhamdulillah, that was not our fate but i hope it becomes an eye opener especially to the ones managing this.
2.We know that Malaysians are of good heart nature. Once the worst had recede, we can see droves of NGOs NGIs coming in to help. To contribute in all forms, physical, mental and spiritually. Lifting up what has been affected. My friends from different groups and backgrounds made their own efforts to help those in need. Kudos and it was amazing to see many sides helping the unfortunates. Again, if the coordination was better we could have made use of all resources better.

3.The unsung heroes.. the ones who did the job earlier. The army, bomba, polis, Smart team during evacuation period. When things were dangerous and these men sacrificed themselves to save others. Totally amazing effort and courage. My hats off to them. And to the medical teams who were stuck in the hospital, 24hours doing what they do best. Providing healthcare services to people in need. A lot of untold stories of these unsung heroes. The true heroes who do their thing not for other people to recognize. NEVER FOR PUBLICITY.

4.The ugly side of Disaster Management.Its not just aboutthe top but at the ground level as well. When people do good deeds this for themselves. to inject themselves heroism highlighting their own acts. Such a sore to experience and see it in front of your eyes. Voluntourism at its best.It happens anyway everywhere, I was warned about this before but nothing beats experiencing it yourself. How some people selamba taking credit from other people's effort. How they can just bluff through and gets the publicity for themselves. Masha Allah.. May Allah have mercy on them.

5.Kelantan is a different country altogether. Whatever works here and how things are done cannot be summarized like other parts of Malaysia. You need to understand the 5Ws of Kelantan to do justice for them.. Enough said.. :) THIS IS KELANTAN!!

All in all, i pray to Allah to have pure my intentions. I am thankful i was given the opportunity to help despite being in private practice. I thought it was never possible but there will always be a way. Especially when you really want it, anything is possible.
Thank you to PPUM and thank you to UiTM for considering me to join you guys in this mission. Im sure they are lots more that has to be done. And that is the basic concept when we attain to help in disaster. This is just the beginning.


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