Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Mission #Banjir2014 in Kelantan PArt 6

Nothing feels like being in kampung. The atmosphere, the people.. yes the people, i have to mention it twice because kampung folks are amazing people! The hospitality, how they treat you is simply amazing. We were ready to have our own rations but Mok tok was too kind and invited us over persistently. They became our host despite us politely refusing to sleep at their place. Sister slept at their place because it would be convenient for them. For me and Muiz, we were ok sleeping in the verandah. It was clod yeah but kampung coolness is just amazing. 
Rice is definitely a staple and my 1 week amount was taken in 3 meals here. Imagine.. rice portions are loud and it would be impolite to reject what they have prepared for us. Having tempoyak ikan patin was  the draw as they managed to tangguk quite a number of fishes during this season. I must say it was delicious and perhaps became the nevy to other teams. That is kampung life guys.. simple and amazingly corteous. 
We went to the estate barracks the next day. Our mobile clinic set up was limited due to the stocks which finished during our first day. But to see them, 10 families who were living quite far inside the estates. The families were trapped when the water rose and submerged their homes. They went to the highest ground and camp there. They totally had nothing and it was because of their camp visuals that the army dropped supplies for them. They were totally cut off for 7 days and at the same time, worried that water might have just drown them. Masha Allah. 
When we arrived, the males were at work. They have resumed work in the estates which i reckon mostly on cleaning up whatever was not swept by the flood. We had the ladies and children, and it was nice to see them coming in droves. We felt bad because our medication supplies ran out but i guess the gesture of checking their general health was a relief to them. We were again the first medical team to have reached them.
Looking at Sungai Kelantan's current it was scary to imagine the flood at its peak. It was just behind the barracks and no wonder when the water rose it wiped out the whole barracks.We could see the level of the mud and they were all busy drying and cleaning their homes. I guess life goes on, what else can be done. Floods come and go and they just have to continue fend for themselves. 

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