Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Life is short, qada n qadar. Alfatihah

I received a phonecall yesterday while doing my case in OT. It was from Basir. Seeing that name i was thinking of probably another job opportunity somewhere?!
To my surprise he informed me the passing of a childhood friend called Mustafa. Apparently, it was due to the complications of chronic diabetes. 
Arway Mustafa was a friend i knew in primary school. He was always warm and charming. Why he is easily recognizable then was because of his size. He was big and obese. Despite that he has always been kind at heart and very pleasant to be with. I remembered how he was easily bullied by few naughty boys who would jeer at his size. He as always been gentle though. He was in the class next to me, of course he was known by everybody! 
When i left SRKDU for SMTTDI, we do meet occasionally with the other DU gang. Sometimes in uptown or its vicinity. He was always warm and i do remember sharing jokes with him. Never that i thought even then he was suffering from diabetes.Even after school, i do come across him in Jusco, pasar malam or random meets in uptown. It was a touch and go thingy asking how things were.
(Anybody can guess which one is me?)
I was surprised to see him very sick when he came to PPUM when i was doing in masters. Basir alerted me then because he was also a childhood friend to Basir. He was blind by then. It was sad because seeing him suffering and the issue then was to amputate his foot. it was too infected and source of sepsis. The mustafa i knew has now shrunk, not as big as how i remembered him when we were young. I reckon i did write about him in one of my blog entries in the past but i could not find it. 
And yesterday Basir called to inform me about his demise. Innalillah. Life is precious and complications do happen because of a chronic disease such as diabetes. Subhanallah. May Mustafa be amongst the salihins in the hereafter. 

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