Monday, January 05, 2015

Mission #banjir2014 in Kelantan Part 2

When Charlie was nearing KB, we could see the view of mass destruction. Water was everywhere and i could not imagine how bad it would have been at its peak. A third wave was predicted during the new year period and that was why my team was deployed. The anticipation of worsening disaster when at that point of time, crippled to the max. Kota Bharu was under water and there was a controversy on whether the government should declare emergency. There is pro and con to that decision but MKN stick to the non declaration of emergency.
 PM got the flak for playing gold with Obama on Christmas eve. Well, i guess as a national leader this was the time to show your mantle and lead your public regardless whether it was necessary for you to be on the ground. But we are asians.. melayu lak tu.. simple gestures will guarantee votes! 
We arrived in KB short after 3pm. Upon landing the feeling was surreal, you see military and lots of people moving here and there. Many trucks and lorries with supplies. The typical scene of a movie warzone wa cakap lu.. I had goosebumps as i knew this is real. Too real and lots of people are trying to help on top of our beloved forces. 
 Idzwan, ED prof from UM waited for us and brought us to our homebase which is in HUSM. The health minister and DG were doing his rounds too in HUSM and coincidentally we met while Idzwan was giving his briefing to us.
 I was initially planned to be sent to Kok Keli, a remote area for clinic and relief. No water, no electricity.. no sweat! hahaha Travelling behind a Jabatan Pertanian lorry was interesting as we kept jumping up and down to the beat of the track! I guess the driver had never been at the back thus the bumpy ride for us.
We then visited and sent our friends along the way in Tumpat, going from one Flood relief centre to another.The flood had receeded here and it was accessible by even normal cars. The relief centres were crowded and it looked like concentration camps! There were a lot of public health issues in the centres, and i guess the reason why a holistic approach should be planned before subjecting specific doctors to specific places. 

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