Monday, January 26, 2015

Induction with the KPJ group

I thought being out of government practice, we would not be doing things like this anymore. To my surprise, we were called last Saturday to attend the partner relationship programme by KPJ central. Of course, it being held in our place makes it easier to attend. A number of Consultants who've joined KPJ in the last few years were invited.
 As a main player in the healthcare industry in Malaysia, It was cool for KPJ central to organize such an event. It was an introduction to what KPJ is about and we met with the Senior Consultants who had been with the group since the beginning. Sapa tak kenal Tan Sri Yahya, Dr Kok, Dato Shahrudin? It was good to see old acquaintances to be within this group. Everybody having their own reasons for moving out to private practice. 
It was an interesting knowledge sharing session that serves as an introduction to the big organization. It is good for us to at least know whats going on and why at the mamagement and operations level, so that our minds won't be fixed just on clinical stuff. I thought it was good and i do applaud such programmes for the doctors. 
In a way it makes me feel at home and appreciate the gesture shown. Of course, why we are called partners is because of the investment we have to make on joining the KPJ group. 

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