Friday, January 23, 2015

mothers and babies

Honestly, Sejujurnya.. haha I enjoyed Obstetrics a lot during my medical student days as well as the compulsory OnG posting during housemanship. 
Why? It must have been because of the goosebumps I feel on every delivery. Be it normal delivery or caesarean section.It is an honour to be part of celebrating life into the world.  When i was doing my OnG posting in housemanship, i did have a look on this career.I was considering it seriously. The commitment is tremendous and the responsibility is huge. Its the 2 lives one is expected to maintain. Complications do happen but the stress of making sure you've done what you can is a big challenge.
The only reason why i did not proceed was because I felt ladies should take this role not man. As a pregnant mother, having another woman managing you would be ideal. I know that can be impossible at times but it should be encouraged. But NEVER as a deterrant that man cannot be in this profession. That is wrong to deny expertise to be held only by one gender. But when they is choice, than it should be lead by woman. 
I was told i had the chic and skill to proceed with obstetrics then. But Allah has planned my pathway to be as how it is today.
But God is great. I do get to have that feeling again and again. Be it for epidural labour and of course caesarean section. It is a huge responsiblity for me as well but it feels great.True it can be a stressful situation, but i can tell you that it is worth it.  It is such a great feeling to see life, when the baby cries out loud signalling his presence to the world. Subhanallah. There are times when terror beckons but that would be the whole reason I am there. for both the mother and the baby.  
And now, in my current centre I am part of this highly risky medicolegal participation when things go wrong. I reckon as long as we are sincere, doing the best of our ability to ensure safety and live, it would not deter me from being a part of this episode in the family's life. 

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