Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The new order

I'm still adapting to my new schedule of things. In SS2 , it was possible to sleep longer and go to work fairly close to starting a case. It was also convenient to pick up the kids and arrive home early ; fitting in my runs before Maghrib. Life was so easy then..
However , from Bukit Jelutong it is not possible to do that. I have to wake up extra early and get the kids ready to go to school. I have to leave home before 6.45am or it wil be nightmare at the Damansara toll junction. I am used to sleepig late and working up early this last 2 weeks is certainly taking its toll on me. I feel tired and if i am to be given a pillow , I'll just doze off ! Coffee doesn't really work for me and doing on calls is not really helping me to recover !
Wifey is really exhausted and I pity her at times when the kids decide to dirty and shackle the new home ! She becomes obsessive and kept mopping... hahaha budak2 ni.. With that , i have a new role now. As wifey maybe busy with the kids ; i am now officially the COOK !! hehehe.. I am happy doing it and it helps to relieve my stresses as well.. hehehe.. best jugak main masak2 ni..

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Azad said...

You both need extra help in the house - get a maid. She will help clean the house, wash & iron your clothes, cook and take care of your kids.

You and Haniza then can then relax at home - that's what homes are for, right?