Friday, March 20, 2009

Life without the internet

I am cut off from the cyber world for the past 1 week.It felt different.. I guess I've depended so much on the net that i was a bit lost without it ! hahahaha.. FYI I've moved to BJ fulltime and hopefully today they will install the phone line at home smoothly. You never know about Telekom Malaysia ah.. so far , it looks impressive. I went to TM Point on Wednesday ; and Yesterday they called me up for the appointment. If everything goes alright , I should be online from home by tonight !!
Usually I'll browse after work , preferably after the kids are asleep. I will try to put up an entry on this blog if possible or i have anything in mind. Not doing that for the past 1 week was a bit funny to my usual routine.. but then again , I go to work earlier now . By 6.45am I am out of the house ; crossing the Fed H'way or NKVE and to Kelana Jaya to send my kids. By 730 I'[m at the hospital compound scourching for parking space which is getting more ridiculous nowadays ! ( that will be another blog entry ! ) I went back home late twice this week. I was one day on a CABG list and the second , Whipples list. Both ops had me done only by 8pm !! Waahh.. kalau kena bayar locum rate best jugak !
It has been a tiring week and hopefully I can rest fully this weekend bcoz I dont think I've recovered fully from my Mulu & Pinnacles trip !

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