Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ramblings during Sunday oncall..

A lot of people around me had asked , why do i like to do running and mountain climbing? Both exhaust you more and you end up getting tired afterwards. More so with mountain climbing when each expedition would take few days with full exertion of energy ; what a weird holiday spent ? For eg , I came back on early Thursday morning ( 1am) and back to work with the Friday and Sunday being oncall !!! Not to mention , the objections you get from persons close to you.
I guess both activities are very individualised ; i don't have to go against anybody else except yourself. The only one you would want to prove to is yourself and nobody else. I prefer to run than playing football nowadays because I can be on my own during the whole activity unlike team sport events when there is a "forced" common goal which is to score and win !
Getting myself back to simple basic fitness is a bonus and it is a healthy option. ( Have you tried the Korean fitness test.. hehehe see how old are you ? ) With the current health hazards due to urban living lifestyle eg diabetes , hypertension , heart disease , being active this way is certainly the way to go.
During running or trekking , I would be in my own world ; left to run or walk alone. It is during this time I feel my mind goes free , really really free. Not that I have a lot of problems to think about but it is during this period i get solace and peace. I don't feel I am running away from my real world but its a relief to be back in nature . I've always felt myself closer to god during these activities ; the zikr that I vocalize literally and in me during moments of strain is certainly motivational.
Everybody have their own reasons doing things as a hobby. Few would prefer to just soak the wonders of technology and Lebowski. Few others would look for challenges and live the basic life. Moral of the story : JAUHI DIRI ANDA DARI DADAH !!


mafiz said...


How ironic? You work with drugs everyday kan?? Double meaning ke apa ni??

Azad said...

Kempunannya tak dapat join the Mulu trip. :(

I hope OGKL will do this trip again in future - me hoping to get a discount too when I go then.

I have the same intent and feeling as you when I go mountain climbing or into the jungle - I love the nature and feel one with it, feel free from the hustle and stress of the city and I feel alone and close to Allah - sense His greatness.