Monday, September 26, 2016


I don't know why i had lost interest in updating my blog. I would have thought its because there is nothing too exciting happening in my life. On the contrary, after the Stok Kangri trip i have been busy and went to India again! haha I have to rekindle this interest so that my blog would remain relevant and active! I guess its a challenge for bloggers to remain blogging. Facebook, twitter, whatsapp has certainly taken over by the means of communication. Social interaction and i must admit i don't really browse blogs anymore. Its not the in thing i guess. 

However, i do believe that my role as the editor of the MSA yearbook had taken most of my time these few months. This important publication was entrusted to me late last year. Itook up the challenge because i reckon i should! Of course i had ideals and i guess the reality struck as time goes by. Now i am a bit worried if whatever i've compiled would be to appealing to my fellow colleagues. But hey, at least i've done it. 
Its coming to the end of September and there are many things going on. Future to be considered etc and a whole lot of things happening in terms of my career, activities, family.
I do hope that this would not be the (again) one post and then you'll read another same anecdote a few months down the line! haha 

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