Monday, September 26, 2016

Al Hijrah Assalamualaikum

I was on TV recently after aidiladha. It was in the Alhijrah morning talk show and it was because Ben could not make it. Biasalah, my role as sideshow Bob! I was available so there i was at the studio that early morning! Alhijrah studio is very simple and you'd be surprised to see of how they make their channel look so professional on TV. Kudos to the company. 
 The theme was pengorbanan (its raya haji mah) so obviously the questions were on the sacrifices made by health professionals. They were interested however in my humanitarian missions which i gladly shared my experience about.
 The hosts were kind enough to promote Hipnotis on TV. It was totally unexpected but i guess it needs a bit of boost. Not many people realize that its on the shelves already.
My thanks to the producer who was kind enough to invite me despite being a replacement. It was a wonderful experience and hopefully please invite me again! hahaha

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