Friday, September 30, 2016

MedTweetMy 1st AGM

After months of preparation, we had our first general annual meeting last weekend. It was a history in the making, perhaps something that we would all look back at in the future. I msut congratulate Dr Khairul Hafidz for achieving such a feat. I guess with the advances in technology as well as the spreading of information, it is a must for a group like MedTweetMy born.
                                                          the usual suspects
Alhamdulillah, in FB we have the mythbusters and a number of allied health personnels are taking the challenge to combat misinformation of the public. Viral news that would tarnish the image of hard working medical personnels should be replied to in a group manner. I guess issues such as the antivax became prominent in the last couple of months. The public is easily swayed by sensational claims which unfortunately lacking the evidence to be supported.
Thank you to the mInsitry of Health in particular the DG Datuk Hisham who himself is an avid social media player. In the past, i dont think the ministry was keen for such efforts. The current DG is non traditional and progressive, hence the dynamism in his efforts and ways.
I congratulate my colleagues in MedTweetMy who are keen to contribute in this manner. I pray that the sustainability of MedTweetMy which would be the challenge of any new societies. 

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