Saturday, June 18, 2016

#Throwback Diagnosis2kemesir in Alexandria

This is one long dued post! I just realized i did not finish the series as I became disinterested to blog then haha The last part of our tour of Egypt in February. 
SOon after Mansoura, our next and last destination for our book tour cum motivation talk was in Alexandria. Perhaps the most famous and historical part of the Egyptian history. 
Alexandria was founded in 331 BC by Alexander the Great. Imagine, 331 BC! A civilization since then! I would be proud if i am one of them who originated from Alex. Bordering the Medditeranean sea, no wonder it became the point of civilization since then. 
It was the capital city of the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine Egypt for 100 years until the muslim conquest in 641 AD. It was the second most powerful city of the ancient world after Rome. 
Our entourage travelled for almost 6 hours from Mansoura to Alex. We arrived in Alex near sunset and we were to be ready for our next session that night. We rushed through the city, visited the outside of the oldest library in the world. My regret was we did not have enough time to tour the lod library museum. Apparently the original Taurat is inside along with a lot of other original biblical documents! History freaks like me would have gone orgasm in such displays. Takpelah, a point to return to this city one day insha allah! 
 We parted with AF, Azah and Aizzat as they needed to get back home on the weekend. So it was me, Ben and Din who would be the lead for the session that night.
We had a short discussion with Mr Skema, hehe the person in charge for the forum we were having that night before getting ready for the event. Our hotel was excellent! Those 1930s-40s type of hotel with the characteristic chained elevators in the middle of the hotel with butlers. Haha I thoroughly enjoyed the short stay in the hotel.
our breakup sessions OSCE style
forum panelist
En Faizal the main man!
Honestly the session could take all night for if it was not the Egyptian authorities. Haha Typical of them to shoo us away before time. Me were received and Mr Faisal (Chief MARA personnel in Alex) took us out for a treat in Alex after the talk. 
The next day, our entourage went for a quickie tour of Alex. It is such a beautiful city on no wonder the powers of the past wanted to own this part of the land. Certainly a breather from the rest of Egypt that we have seen. The people here themselves were of a different kind compared to Cairo and Mansoura. 
Alhamdulillah, it was a nice end to our tour. Definitely a breather for me away from my hectic schedule. I must thank Whitecoat Enterprise for DIAgnosis2 success. Most importantly to Kelab UMNO luar negara MANSOURA who organized this event and brought us here. It was wonderful to share our experience with our future colleagues Insha Allah. 

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