Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Masjid Negara talk pre Ramadhan

It was an honour to be invited by the Masjid Negara administration to give a talk there regarding Ramadhan and Health. This was the week before Ramadhan and in conjunction with their programme. I believe that Masjid Negara is engaging more variation in their talks - recently Beni and Muiz was invited to give a short talk just before Friday prayers. 
Honestly i was jittery to give this talk as eventhough its medically related, I have no idea who my crowd will be. Further more, it will be in Malay! Engaging people in Malay is more difficult than in English because its not easy to gain people's attention. More so I was given 2 hours slot! Allah.. lama tu and between 2pm to 4 pm! hehe Indeed a challenge. 
My KPJ was given the opportunity to do their marketing there. Despite Masjid Negara's location, it was quite a surprise to know that people who came for the free screening were staying in Rawang vicinity. I believe it was a good exposure for the hospital to be made known to the public.
I was honestly surprised when i saw a healthy crowd attending the session. I saw them during lunch time as my session was up next. Honestly again, i thought half would go back but I was wrong. They stayed! Haha.. lagilah cuak.
 Alhamdulillah, I was quite happy with my delivery. I was expecting to see a big number dozing off but it did not occur. Of course there was a few but not as many as how i would have projected. They seemed interested with my topic and the Q&A was evident. More surprising was i actually talked for 2 hours!  We had a short break after an hour but i did not expect to amaze their attention for that long considering the age group of the crowd. Alhamdulillah, it was not that bad after all.
Thank you Naim, the chief PR of Masjid Negara for inviting me. It was a pleasure and Insha Allah, in the time to come I would not mind coming again to share my knowledge. 

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