Wednesday, June 15, 2016

#throwback Surprise Hari Guru SMTTDI

Mafiz being the YDP PIBG of SMTTDI came out with a great idea. He has always been the creative one. This year students were to handle the Hari Guru Celebrations. And former students of SMTTDI from 1985 till date will be there, well not all but one or two as the representative. 2 years ago, he planned a one day career with me when I was in CTC. 
The task of getting everybody was not easy. However, that task was managed well as Mafiz nearly completed the list. There were missing ones but it did not show. We were to appear in our working clothes/uniforms. Showing the kemenjadian of SMTTDI :) Of course i would be keen to join the celebrations. It was my oncall day and my prayers were answered as i was free that morning. 
It was held on the day before the school holidays. The teachers were in their full dress; the theme being Kesultanan Melayu Melaka.  I thoroughly enjoyed the event but i had to go by 9am. It was a nice feeling to see the aalumni, my seniors and juniors all being brought up in SMTTDI. During our gimmick, according to Mafiz few teachers cried because they were overwhelmed. What we did was we called upon the senior teachers in SMTTDI like Puan Nurhana and Cikgu Azhar, and they were escorted by us to be celebrated. I felt the goosebumps too.
 Totally awesome Mafiz! Kudos to you and the students. I am sure more creative juice will flow from that brain of yours to the benefit of the school.

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