Thursday, June 01, 2006

A budding rose on a different petal ..

UM - Dewan Jemerlang. 9.00 am 31st of May 2006.

Luckily , i put my logic cap on early this morning. I woke up and suddenly asked myself , where was this place ? I actually thought that we were suppose to assemble in the Postgraduate Centre. I did not ask anybody but just assumed. Hooked myself to streamyx at 7.15 am and searched via Google.

Laaaaa... dekat medical faculty rupanya ! Miles away from the place i thought it was suppose to be in. Parking was horrible though ; i had to walk quite a distance in the hot morning sun . I just had to wear all black with a white tie ( macam MAfia lah pulak..) - simply "brilliant" fashion sense isn't it.. haks...

Anyway , arrived just in time for UM's Dean of Medical Faculty introduction speech. There were about 100+ of us in the hall. Wow.. I'm actually moving on with time ; suppose to be linear in pursuing my "dream". Coincidentally , there were quite a number of familiar faces ; not just my peers from the UiTM fraternity , but individuals i met along my path so far.It was like a reunion meeting back colleagues from UK and Eire , to those during my IMU days and HKL friends. Everybody looking eager in beginning their next milestone of life or maybe putting one's leg to eternal agony and struggle !

What is the purpose really ? How sure am I in taking this step? Is it worth the gut and sweat to achieve titles of "GIST" or "IAN" ? ( N.B. Anaesthesiolo"GIST" , Paediatric"IAN" )

For money and wealth ? Well.. it IS a factor but i reckon it would be much simpler bridging in another path . Becoming a clinical specialist in anaesthesia does not gurantee cash rolling to you with a snap.

To enrich my knowledge ? Naahh.. I am not a keen academician. The training will only increase my experience and knowledge will compliment it indirectly. Reading is sufficient but how useful is it ? Only time will tell..

For the betterment of man ? Sounds corny and just shit crap . One may hope to do so but maybe only in one's utopic intention . We hope it have it in mind to do this job with sincerity and dignity.

A better life ? No life will be a better description in entering the Master programme. Will i miss baby Dzaeff growing whilst struggling to get all the info into my head ? Precious moments.. Without being in the programme itself I've had situations with wifey ; what more if one is in the programme ?

Life is about experimenting and making decisions.When an infant learns to roll , crawl and walk , they just do it and see what happens next. Nobody knows what is in store ; how things may come up or turn about.Life is never simple.Planning is one thing but the execution and the outcome may not be in the initial objective. It is suppose to create excitement and sense of achivement but it all depends on what we really want.

"Tawakkal" is the keyword said to bring a bit of calmness when one is in doubt. Lets just sit back , relax and "tawakkal" ..

p/s Maybe i'm just inspired by Magneto's and Prof Xavier's struggle in X-
en..baru je lepas balik movie..

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