Wednesday, November 25, 2009

C'mon la.. theuniverse does not orbit around you..

Respect should be earned. Respect cannot be forced upon to. One should treat others the way one wants to be treated. Easy enough as a simple logic isn't it?
Apparently.. there are certain narrow minded arrogant people who reckons that they can say whatever they want and whenever they want it. Period.. and as if nothing is wrong with them at all??!! Where's the common sense la?
A simple rule: How do you expect one to respect another when he is not shown the courtesy of one? I mean.. i do not tolerate people who refuse or arrogantly disrespect another..regardless. I mean, you want another person to hear you or require your help but you disrespect them in the most blatant manner.. you expect the person to blindly oblige to that? Hello? Wake up? where is one's sense of simple manners? Nak kata kurang ajar bapak ada..mak ada..
I guess the most ideal world for somebody like this if they are the only living creature on earth..

Convincing your words are,
that one is worthless,
a hideous individual.
Resembling a serpent,
your insults lead one to death,
yet another a victim of abuse.

p/s post luahan perasaan.. hahahahaha

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Anonymous said...

encounter with ezani i presume?
That bastard!