Saturday, March 30, 2013

On call again

This is my first on call since coming back home. On call means 24 hours stay in call. I was called back to CTC one of the nights ; attending a sick ailing patient but that was not really a call.It was more a call for immediate emergency!

Managing Sungai Buloh Hospital is not easy especially manning the big number of ICU beds. Recently, theres ICU1 and ICU2 instead of ICU and HDW!However, i do take it as a challenge and it is a privilege to be on call as a specialist here.What i love most about being here is the variety of cases and possibilities that i may face. It is always challenging, to decide on what is best for the patient with the ever so busy patients coming in from everywhere.
It can be tiring, it can be mind boggling but that is what is about working in Malaysia. Trying our best for the best management of our patients would be the priority.
Having enthusiastic and keen MOs is another key factor to make the call enjoyable. Hopefully crossing my fingers that things will go well and Insya Allah.


imran said...
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imran said...

brape beds in your ITU?