Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kuantan Century Ride

I registered for it after hearing about it from a riding friend whom I just met. I didn't exactly know what i was putting myself into! There was no proper training but to join in the fun..Why not? As usual.. the motto I've always had. As usual. i suffered.. hahaha
Brought the whole clan of MDQs to support me, well since it was the school holidays at least another place for them to relax. I was lucky as the room i had was big and suited a family with 5 small kids. We stayed at the MS Garden which is the official hotel for this event.I was amazed to see the enthusiastic crowd of riders who came in with the best looking road bikes I've seen. The Malaysian scene is really a happening one at the moment.
I met Rathi in the early hours of the morning for breakfast.Apparently, MS Garden catered especially for riders with an early breakfast time at 4am! Imagine having breakfast at that time! We were then off to UIA at about 630am.
 The sea of bicycles was very prominent. I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere. Certainly the most happening cycling event in Malaysia and Im part of it.

Nearly had a heat stroke but i finished it.. haha Not an easy ride when you start cramping at 100km with 60km to go :)

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