Sunday, November 12, 2017

Write up burnout

The most obvious reason for my sudden appearance in the blogging world today is obvious: my TV malfunctioned. This is the bad thing about LED TVs, the backlight can just decide to stop working and you become a blind TV watcher. Well, this problem has been going on for few months but because it went Ok after few days of not switching it on. Haha thats how easy going i am. I know i should have it repaired as it is still on warranty. but MALAS.. 

Honestly, since working in the south; my creative mind had deceived me. I am not keen at all to be in front of my laptop screen and type whatever is in my mind. Its difficult for me to lay out any story line and write it up. I used to have it free flowing, an all nighter for one story. Thats how my mind works. Unfortunately, i cant reproduce that at the moment. Hence my off time even from blogging. To say that im superbusy is not totally true. I was busier before ; looking back at my blogging history since 2004, I produce lots of my writings during the busy years of my masters programme. 

I believe I'm suffering from a Writing block burnout. I was thinking about writing stories for our future DIAgnosis or even my future solo book. BUT I CANT!! Haha memang kering otak to write :)

I have one book which is done but i have to make it longer because it is too short. (Not too short like HIPNOTIS). I really need to work at it because i believe there is a story to be shared with everyone. I foresee it to be liked by the mass readers but need lots of fine tuning to it. Haha.. Hopefully 2018 will be the year it can be published. 

The test to this will be after I've repaired my TV. Haaa.. then we'll see whether the exodus will be repeated.

Insha-Allah, the whole family will be going for an umrah trip soon. I am looking forward to refresh my iman. Honestly, it had gone downhill since last hajj and perhaps this visit will rekindle the light to maintain the aim for jannah.


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Raydah said...

may Allah ease everything ameen