Monday, November 18, 2019

5th Mission Cambodia - Siem Reap 25-27 October 2019

Insha Allah our istiqamah and it has been ongoing strong. This time we took a location faraway from Phnom Penh as the GA machine is not working at the moment if we plan for surgeries. hence the mission this time is much more relaxed with only circumcisions to be done. I brought with me Syafiq my long time accompliced in Perth and it was a good reunion for our craziness. hahaha It is such fun to have him around as he is one creative person who is very intelligent and wise. 
 We had our programmes in two different places. One was right in the mid smack of Siem Reap CBD and the other at least 7 hours journey by bus. This was the biggest contingent ever with another NGO (besides Muslim Care) Dana Kita with Tauke Baloon Nasron to be amongst us. A group of students from SAS volunteered as well to be in the group. (for obvious YDP reasons hahaha)

 This time around it was 180 plus kids - i got to do a few. There was a different contrasting population that we served - town vs kampung and it was obvious. The town one, it was a war with sounds of agony going around from the first second! The kampung- we get to see small kids but brave and resilient! I guess the upbringing certainly affects a child's strength and mentality. I had one kid who was sucking his lollipop while i did my local anaesthesia and I chose him as my subject for sunat hahahaha
Alhamdulillah, the event went well. There is always lots to learn from each programme with different participants. I enjoy this a lot and really happy to continue this again and again. 

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