Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Qystiena Qaisya.. :)

We celebrated Qytiena's 1st and Qaisya's 3rd birthday in a larger manner last weekend. MY decision not to run the marathon was a wise choise not just because of the injury, but of the event that had to be handled till late that night. I guess after 9 years of marriage, this is the time we should invite our relatives to come to ur humble home. However, our relatives.. bukan sikit woo.. hahahaha thats why we decided to have a covered terrain outside the house in case it overflowed.
The menu was Nasi Arab and Alhamdulillah, the food was good! The lamb was excellent and most of those who came certainly liked it. The house was full and I was busy all over! Thank you to my dear family members who could made it that day.. Alhamdulillah..


Anonymous said...

thanks for the invite, had quote you :study bro, jangan tak study!


Pak Long said...

yups, it was a blast!! thank you for an excellent party!

Qaisya was as usual, spotlight-shy :)

Qystiena was cool as ice, pwning the party :))

(and sorry for the misspelled name on the card, baby Qystiena!) :)

mmm, hankering for another round of Nasi Arab now..

性感的我 said...

最偉大的天才如果終日躺在草地上,讓微風吹拂,眼望天空,那麼溫柔的 靈感也不會光顧他的。 ....................................................

Cik Cun said...

dah tgk gmbar by the 'professional' photographer? gorgeous! happy birthday qaisya and qystiena!