Thursday, February 25, 2010

Intensive course in USM Kubang Kerian

Its Thursday today-tomorrow is public holiday in Kelantan but its not going to be so for us..despite being Maulidurrasul as well! It'll be our mock exams.. MCQ OSCE and the Clinicals. I've been in USM Health Campus in Kubang Kerian since last Saturday. It had been a very strainous week; a week full of filling up half the vacuoles in my head with the necessary knowledge for my final exams in May!! Hahahaha.. The days were filled with lectures and vivas in the late afternoons!
I must say i am impressed with the campus. It is condusive for young medical students as well post graduates like me. I am currently staying in rumah tetamu USM which is not bad at all for this 2 weeks stay!
There are about 60 of us here-candidates from UM UKM and USM ; trainee anaesthetist vying for the spots to be qualified as future specialists come May. We are all in the same boat;all worried about our ability to prove ourselves worthy of becoming anaesthetists. So far, I'm more worried than ever as I find the exams are far harder than I initially anticipate.. hahahaha sapa suruh tak study kuat2 dari awal tak?
Anyway..kudos to the commitment of USM staff as well to those who made the effort to be far away from our nests in KL. I wish I could compliment my own institution but the lukewarm response as felt by the organizers says it all. Pretty sad though that such cooperation amongst this small community of academics cannot be achieved. :( However, I don't reckon that this will continue as I vow to be the agent of change in the future, god willing insya allah.. :)
Now.. I have to sit down..concentrate and really go all I have less than 2 months to practice my exam skills to pass..:)

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