Sunday, June 13, 2010


I missed last week's Setia Eco Park race because I woke up late.( despite picking up the number..n very enthusiastic about it!!) This week's Subang Jaya run was something not to be missed; since SCMKL is just around the corner. Honestly my training has been crap.. really really crap! I needed today to refresh back my dampened spirit and remind me of the mammoth task I've chosen to endevour end of this month!
I was off from BJ after Subuh thinking I am early.. but when i arrived at the junction to the MBSJ complex i panicked.. haha called Azad straight away as his tag number was with me.We managed to meet up and parked our cars together. I really thought we were starting at 7am which meant that we had only little time left before the event starts! Lucky Kamal told us that the flag off was at 730am.. and seeing everybody being so casual about it.. must be 730am!!
The run was gunned off by Tan Sri Khalid the MB himself.. wow..impressive! Hannah(MP SJ) and Loh Gow Bern was there too.. There are our young MPs and i reckon they should have been one of us.. if not running the 10K at least the 3K.. That would have made a better impact rather than standing next to the MB during the flag off.. then only the rakyat will be really impressed :)
Anyway.. my run today was smooth. My new Mizuno shoes were on trial as I'm planning to use this for SCKLM. My soles felt a little bit hot in the beginning which is not a very good sign for a new shoe. I was thinking then that maybe i should use my trusted Brooks for SCKLM! After a while it was ok though.. hmm.. a bit confused here..
I felt a little bit tired on my first 5 km( for reasons that i know.. hahaha) but suddenly it kicked in and the rhythm came back.. it felt great. I did not push myself too much but i felt comfortable that even reaching the end i know i could run some more.I lost this for a while but it is still there! I really need to polish it up.. It was very hot but the track was fairly flat. The inclination was fair and I enjoyed the puffing i had to endure! hahaha
Water stations were too frequent during the first 5k! However I am not happy at all with the organizers giving us the whole water bottle. It was a total WASTE OF WATER!! A lot of runners took a sip or two and then threw the bottle away! not one..but hundreds along the way!! I took one and held onto the bottle all the way.. taking sips as i need but it was troublesome.. but my conscience was clear and I HAD TO WALK THE TALK!!! I know water is free in Selangor.. but why waste it like this? I know it is not Saturday (GREEN DAY) but being Sunday doesn't mean that we should forget everything? This is something the organizers should think about for logic's sake!

It was a satisfactory run but not fast at all.Managed to finish it in 62 minutes.tI wanted my pace to be simple and comfortable. I guess I made peace with myself :) The gang arrived later and it was blazing hot Sunday morning!! The atmosphere was good and I guess the SJ folks certainly enjoyed the carnival mood especially the lucky draw session!!
It became of a hassle though that we have to produce our receipt to get the goodie bags. Who brings their receipt while running ah? ( alot apparently.. haha) Of course when it comes to this MBSJ was very pedantic and i sense a lot of anger amongst the seasoned runners.In runs around Malaysia, producing the bib was good enough for the goodie bag claim but of course, for MBSJ.. takde resit, takde beg.. PERIOD!!! hahaha by the time we got back from taking the receipts from ur cars, nobody was manning the goodie back station and when we asked around..everybody was totally blank!! but then again, what do you expect right from the worse run organizer in Malaysia? hahaha to heck with that.. Janji kita enjoy!!!

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