Sunday, June 06, 2010


It has been a confusing week. Yups, I'm done and by convention. I'm already a clinical specialist cum lecturer but after reporting back to my paymaster, its definitely not straight forward.The faculty is still new, and by right I don't even have a department yet. I am still under the reign of the surgical cluster. But that was the past, now UiTM will HAVE a siginificant anaesthesia department!! hahahaha We have not reported in for our clinical job yet; as I feel that the academic work as well as the future direction need to be laid out clear before we commit to anything.
We don't have our own teaching hospital yet therefore the definition about clinical work was very blur. Teaching was confusing as well ; as currently there is no anaesthesia posting. The dilemma for Suraya and me was to serve Selayang or Sungai Buloh hospital. There are loads of rumours going around about the working conditions of Anaesthesia Sungai Buloh. I prefer not to utter anything out yet until I am physically there.
But.. after I went for a meeting in the new Sungai Buloh Campus.. I saw this..
the "BIG" potential..
whats there..which is impressive already!
seeing this.. waahhh... I have my own OT and ICU!!!

And thus.. my perception changed. I can see at least what the nearest future will be but of course will be revealed as I go along. I'm sure it would be an interesting journey. The Anaesthesia team will be commissioning the OT on Tuesday and do wait for the next series of pictures to appear.. ( macam masuk Area 51 pulak)
On another note, I've began to understand the responsibility of a academician. A certainly different goals to achieve. Our minds are expected to continuously produing outputs... research and papers! KY is very keen on this and I can see what he meant by being the leader as well as different. His ideas can be viewed as high state of grandiosity but I guess you really need to look at the bigger picture.. especially from above looking down :)
To some of my colleagues, the urge as well as motivation to write can be almost non-existent. Writing up stuffs can be really difficult to do especially to start off. There are always reasons why one cannot write but difficult to find one who is sincere and with enthusiastic sitting down to churn ideas and objectively targeting a timeline to achieve the goal. I reckon the interest is from within.If it is not, then one should not opt to be an academician ; as maybe the job is a stepping stone towards greener pasture.
I hope this month I am able to come up with something solid; the plan, the timeline.. and Maju Jaya UiTM!! hehe

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