Friday, May 28, 2010

Battle conquered but war goes on..

Yup.. its end of May 2010, I'm at the end of my 4 years journey. I reviewed the entry on first day in UM 4 years ago.. my.. my.. wow, time flies really fast. I browsed through the entire 4 years anaesthesia entry- a sort of diary of what i went through doing the Master programme. In a way, I am amazed with my own stories hahaha Luckily blogging was and i hope still a phenomenon; which without with I may not have remembered or relive the moments regardless sweet or bitter in this past few years. It was hard work but the presence of excellent working environment especially my dear colleagues ; it was worth the pain! There were moments of despair but honestly, it was never a thought which put me down anytime.
I thank Allah for his graciousness; giving me the opportunity to lead the life I had. I thank him for listening to my prayers eventhough at times I may not be worthy of such blessings that he has given. Its not just about me becoming an Anaesthetist but brightening wifey and my life with the arrival of our 3 children.. all circa 2005-2009!! Hahaha.. sebelum tu cam susah lak nak dapat anak.. worth the academic stress i suppose..:)
I've learnt a lot in these 4 years; not just Anaesthesia and ICU management per say, but my different perspective of life and being matured about it. I must thank everybody in the department; not just the Profs but from the lecturers, my colleagues not just from my discipline but from various others too, nurses, supporting ataff and office staff as well. The attachment and sense of belonging is there I am sure no matter how much one wants to deny. Lots of new friendships built and I hope sustained with the presence of blogs and facebook;which no more excuses can be given for not being in touch.
I've became more academic now compared to before; a part of me which I never thought i had in me. Being in Anaesthesia UM thought me about being more independent and confident; its not easy to garner this but the responsibility held upon grew one up without one realizing it. Excellent communication skills would be the trait to improve in having a win-win situation for the benefit of patient care.
Well, I guess all this will be running through my mind when I empty my 222 locker...
Department of Anaesthesia UM 2010
My precious ones..
Who can forget Vas's virgin call.. the best-havoc call ever!!
Another smiling team pic.. post airway havoc!
THe UiTM ICU team..
Anaesthesia Day celebrations 2009
ERSA Austria 2009
Finals Intensive Course USM 2010
Men in blue.. 3 generations..

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