Sunday, May 16, 2010

NB 15K disaster

I recorded my worst timing ever in this years NB 15K .. worst than the first time when I was pipped by Atuk Singh at the finishing line in 2008! hahahaha of course, I can give 1000 reasons to justify my 2 hour run but the main point here is, I really need to improve A LOT if i am to survive KL Marathon end of June!!
What happened today? I was too pancit too continue my run after the 9km mark! I was literally dragging myself , fatigued and uninspired! It did not help with the hot blazing sun tearing your skin apart. I was weak mentally and physically. With that combination, recording your personal worst is unavoidable! Of course the track was hilly initially but after the half way mark it was relatively "runnable"" but ..i just cannot!

Obviously, with almost no training for the past 2 months I should expect something like this to happen. The exam stress was in its full gear and with the evening weather being unkind, it was more convenient to sit down quietly studying! Earlier I had "burn out" syndrome which made me to stop completely for one week; which became two.. and so on and so forth.. hahaha my recuperating knee was also another factor of why I choose to go easy because I want to continue running for a very long time! My training for the full monty looked good early this year; with a fairly good time in the 30K.. but after Korbu descent which took away my knee, i faltered.. Putrajaya Night run was supposed to be my "breaking virgin" run!

But hope is not lost! I still have time ..kan? hahaha Now with the exams finally over; i can concentrate to prepare myself to conquer something which I reckon I could! Malaysia Boleh!!

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