Friday, May 14, 2010

Whats next eih?

Its the day after.. wow.. after all the stress; ironically am feeling boring at home!! hahaha We had our batch dinner in ShangriLa last night which was good - however i overate the oyesters that the diarrhoea struck on our back.. had to stop after the toll as it was explosive ! ( not going into detail with this aahh..)
I'm still on leave though. We are required to start work straight away but with the extra days I had, cuti je la to sort out my my messy room.
The KKM fellas are now in a bit of limbo as they wait for the ultimate meeting with the Malaysia Head- posted to places they hope to go. but usually not ! As for me, its either straight to Sungai Buloh or Selayang; however there are no hard fast rules about it. In a way, the department is pratically ours hahaha gile kuasa!! seriously, i reckon we have to sit down and put down on paper what our aims will be as a department.. I have my grandiosity and it will be interesting to see how far i can make it into reality :)

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