Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sleepless in KB

Its Sunday, Mother's day!! Selamat Hari Ibu untuk semua ibu-ibu!

I'm on my one day break and after the medical viva today i felt a little bit lost to restart revising for my anaesthesia viva. Especially when you're alone and away from family in this crummy hotel room opposite the brand new MYDIN in Kubang Kerian!!! I need to vent out and blogging seems a good idea!

I'm in the midst of gushing adrenaline rush facing my exams; 75% over now and for the last cruncher on Tuesday. We started our exams last Wednesday with the MCQ and SAQ. MCQ mcm biasalah ; the dilemmna to make your choice hahaha the SAQ was fair except that most candidates did not expect we would be asked on Heparin Induced Thrombocytopaenia. I thought i did ok la for those but then again, maybe its my own feeling as i cannot really remember what i wrote! OSCE was next on Thursday and the 20 questions were interesting. Managed to answer them but of course hoping that i did not misread or cock up on any of those.
Friday and Saturday was filled up with trying to cramp and blurt out the knowledge hehehe but not very succesfu though. And today's medical viva was fair but I'm not too sure about how i performed; had Hwang and LCY as the examiners and i can only hope the blunders I made during the session was forgiven.. hahaha I just cant wait for this to be over but at the same time uncertain of the outcome.. I can only pray now what is best for me..


mayakaran said...

dah habis exam ke belum?

Anonymous said...

By chance, saw you on that particular Sunday as you n a friend were returning to your hostel. As a silent reader to your blog, didn't expect to come across though knowing you'll be in HUSM. Looked slimmer. Must be the stress. Anyway, by now, you'll probably be back home with the family. All the best, and be a humane lecturer later on.

Mafeitz Mamat said...

mayakaran: settle..
anoy: waah.. i stil hv silent readers ah..thank you.. haha and what chance to have had come across me eih? thank you for your kind words..