Monday, April 26, 2010

Wednesday a week tomorrow..

Wow.. time really files. Next Monday i should be in Kubang Kerian and on Wednesday , taking my finals. A really scary thought but something that i will have to face.. whether i like it or not! I've been trying hard to cramp whatever i can in this very short time. My department is still holding great to the tradition of not letting us off early unlike other disciplines.. butthen again , whining about it will not change anything. Well, i will save my comments for that issue later.
I try very hard to focus and defy the temptations to stray.. but then again, i guess being postgraduate student is diffeent. Life goes on.. Responsibilities have to be fulfilled;and I am not whining about it too.. we got to do what we have to do kan? In a way, having the kids around me especially sending and picking them up everyday is a breather. I feel calm looking at them and I must say, source of inspiration and motivation :)
Well.. here goes.. tawakkal to Allah as I've tried my very best..


DocYana said...

Mafeitz boleh!!! I am sure you will fly through this as you have all the other obstacles you had in the past...a few years from now, you will look back and probably laugh at this time of youe life....

Anonymous said...

good luck!