Friday, April 09, 2010

Looking at yourself

Wifey's busy routine to Selayang as well as her locum work around Shah Alam after office hours had made me closer to the kids. I'm the person who sent all of them early in the morning to Salsabiila and pick them up later. My current fairly light duty which is not as busy as before( as I am preparing for my exams) helped us in a way to manage the well being of the lovely 3 kids. The sense of attachment is stronger as my two younger girls expect me to bathe after dinner. I try to teach Dzaeff to be more independent nowadays.

Dzaeffran is certainly growing up fast and I'm always left smiling seeing his antics. He is a very loving brother and even at this very tender age, he looks after his sisters well. Both of the younger ones enjoyed his presence for their fun( I don't really know what are they laughing about) daily games! However, Dzaeff has his sleazy ways whic i reckon if not being nurtured from now can be very very dangerous! Its a skill which I am not surprised to see him have but it makes me more cautious and expect the unexpected!
Qaisya is the difficult one among the three.. second child syndrome is very prominent in her daily actions! She has her mood swings and at times difficult to please. we are not hapy with her negative attitude at times but as sh grows up we hope to instill more positive thoughts in her.
Qystiena.. hahaha she's like dzaeff when he was younger but she fits her physical side.. tough! She knows what she wants and no pushover even as a 1 year old! She managed to make both dzaeff and qaisya cry the other day to my amazement.. hahaha sibling rivalry..

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LeenaSan said...

I liked reading about you writing about the kids. Interesting to see the fatherly aspect.