Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A short break..

Forgive me for me lack of updates.. its the exams you see.. i mean its not till May but I am having a lot of thought blocks for blog! hahahaha seriously, nak tulis apa pun tak tau sebenarnya. I am very anxious.. but it does not really manifest on the things that i do everyday. However , I've since had vertigo and URTI susah nak elok.. my face flare macam SLE butterflies !! Psychosomatic wifey said.. hahahaha I am having burn outs as well in my running! Its part of this whole package:)
I'm sure I'll be an inconsistent blogger at the moment.. Only when I feel the need to jot down on this page, I would! Seriously.. the stress is killing me! Its not easy to pass out as a specialist!!

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Azad said...

selamat berjaya, tuan doktor!