Friday, March 26, 2010

A scare

I received an SMS from Mafiz a day earlier. He asked me about his chest pain symptoms. I called him back asking what happened.. and from the explanation, it can be suspicious. However I've known Mafiz for a very long time, thus hisk risk factors for an acute heart attack is very low. So i told him to inform me and go straight for an ECG if it persist.
Apparently, it did. He went to a nearby Hospital and the doctor there thought his ECG was suspicious. Mafiz wants to come to UMMC .. and i said Ok please do. I was doing Neuro list at that time and when he arrived, there was class with TKY. Of course, I chose my friend.. ( nak amik credit ni..)
Saw his ECG.. thought it was alright. but his symptoms were ral.. radiating pain from neck to the arm.. tak sedap hati.. hadIzwan (A&E boss) to see him. As usual, with his agressive management, he treated Mafiz as unstable angina and took all his blood investigations. I saw Mafiz becoming a bit worried when we wanted to take his blood for TROPONIN T and of course, when Izwan did an echo on him..
looked OK.. tak nampak anything no moving there.. hahaha
Then when the cxray came back.. waaahh.. he had a small pneumothorax ! about 10% .. then everything fell into place.. thin young man , fit and outgoing.. chest pain central in nature exagerated by movement.. pain that can radiate to the arm.. itulah diagnosisnya!!!!

He was admitted for one day.. his lungs expanded on the next chest xray! Yeaaahhh.. however , no more airplane travel and altitude visits for him at the moment :)
p/s I'm sure the ailing bits to breath uncle in front of your bed as well as Darth Vader admission will be something that you can tell tales about!! hahahaha thats my day to day job bro.. :)

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mafiz said...

Haha..scary! The thought of going through angioplasty procedure was very disturbing. Though its just paru2 berlubang, God is telling me to 'slow down' i guess.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.